“Midterm exams,” he said solemnly. “Two words guaranteed to strike fear into the heart of any student.”

I glanced at Trip and rolled my eyes at Joska’s melodrama.

“I see that some of you are panicked,” Joska continued. “And rightfully so. But some of you seem to enjoy a sanguine self-confidence that scares me, frankly,” he said.

With a start, I realized that he was looking at me.

“Make no mistake,” he said, still looking at me, “some of you will not pass this exam.”


argh. scaring and panicing ppl, esp children = bad, why is it normal, accepted? why is teacher allowed to pick individual students to intimidate?

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From Summercamp erotica:

Moist heat washed over my cock as I slid it along her smooth pussy. She tried to get me to stop, but I ignored her pleas.

omg, ewwww

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“And maybe you can pretend you’re a fashion photographer, and I’m your model.”

I nodded for her to continue.

“You can tell me that if I don’t take off my clothes, I’ll never become a famous model.”

“That sounds like fun,” I said.

“And once you force me to strip for you, you can make me… do things.”

-- meh

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“Still, I guess I don’t want them to know when we’re having sex.”

“Why not?” I asked, lathering her shoulders and back.

“I don’t know. It just seems… dirty.”

“I thought you liked it dirty,” I teased, grinding my dick against her ass for effect.

“You know what I mean,” she said.



i don't know what she means. i don't think anyone does. i don't think she means something very coherent. so why does Paul pretend to understand, when she's just saying vague, blurry things? people should ask when they don't know, and keep at it until it actually makes sense to them.

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I don’t think it’ll hurt if Vivian and Phoebe know we’re having sex. You’re not a nun. You’re a woman. And you have needs.”

-- sex is a need?

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Oddly, that made me feel good. If she hadn’t figured me out yet, she’d keep trying. And that meant I’d get to spend more time with her.

-- ugh. people aren't like a jigsaw puzzle that boring once you're done. when you understand someone well, you just see more subtle things to be interested in.

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"I love you, and that"™s all that matters."


"Trust me," I said, interrupting her.


I shushed her with a finger to her lips. "Trust me."


"You wouldn"™t believe it if I told you."

Fortunately, she was horny enough that she didn"™t press the issue.


I knew myself well enough to realize that I was attracted to Wren. So I didn"™t want Gina asking too many questions about her.


"What?" she asked, perplexed.


For a moment, I was confused.


My confusion only deepened


I looked at it, perplexed.

What does it all add up to?

"Don"™t ask me to explain it, but I"™ve always known that I was going
to be with you for the rest of my life."


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Impersonal Personal Relationships

"Seriously, though. What kind of guy are you looking for?"

She stopped and gave it some thought. "Someone smart... funny... cute... cool. Interested in politics... TV... music." She thought for a moment and then went on, "Tall... well-built, but not all muscles... a cute smile... nice teeth"”no braces, ugh." Another pause. "Dark hair... kinda wavy... not too hairy otherwise... knows how to treat a lady... can talk about his feelings..."


"All I really want is a guy I can trust," she said with a shrug.
There isn't anything very demanding on this list. How many people *wouldn't* qualify?

Basically this is the same stuff every other girl wants, and which every guy knows he should be in order to be attractive.

The most restrictive trait listed is either being tall or being interested in politics. Both are extremely normal.

Let's set aside the issue of whether these things are good or not. What I find most disturbing is that they are all stereotypical. The girl hasn't expressed any preference personal to her. She doesn't *have* her own preferences, she only has her culture's preferences.

She doesn't know that. If asked, she'd say her desires for what kind of guy she wants is a "deeply personal" subject.

And she's ignoring a lot of evidence for the fact that her preferences are not unique, such as all her friends having similar preferences, and all the TV characters she sees.

Conventional personal relationships are highly impersonal.

The South Park creators made the same point in Team America:

Only a woman
Can brighten up my day
Only a woman
Can touch me the right way
Only a woman
Is allowed to touch me there
All I ask is that you're a woman

I like rain, I like hair
I like you
You're around, you're right here
So you'll do
They are teasing guys who have such impersonal taste in personal relationships that any woman will do.

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Encouraging Girls To Be Pretty

"I wish I could do something like that."

I knew a plea for attention when I heard it ... so I closed the book. "You have other talents."

"Yeah, right."

"Seriously," I said. "You're really smart. And pretty, too."

"Pretty isn't a talent. Besides, it's not like I can get a job because of it."

"Well, you know about current events and stuff."

"Great," she scoffed. "Another useful skill."

"I dunno, maybe somebody'll hire you to be smart and pretty and talk about current events."

"Yeah, right."

"Hey, you never know."
Girls don't obsess about their appearance all on their own initiative. If they ever waver they'll get plenty of reminders. In this scene the girl wants to be good at something important that could land her an intellectually respectable job, and she meets with resistance. The guy says she's smart as an empty platitude and then brings up her looks twice.

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