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Front Page Magazine DOES NOT Censor Comments [Updated]

I posted the comment below at Front Page Magazine. It went in the moderation queue and then was soon deleted. Blog comment censorship is super lame.
What do you mean US fought Cold War "without equivocation"???


In the immediate days after the Soviets invaded Afghanistan in late December 1979, President Carter responded with shock and a sense of deep, palpable betrayal. After all, he and Leonid Brezhnev, just six months earlier, at the Vienna Summit, had literally hugged and kissed. Why would the Soviets do this?


The Democratic president had long lamented America's "inordinate fear of communism," from which he had hoped to unshackle the nation."


... 1978 press conference, "We want to be friends with the Soviets."
Update: The comment went up eventually. The user interface is misleading because it first showed the comment as pending, and then later as gone. Perhaps it was a caching issue. In any case, the comment did get posted. So I take everything back.

Elliot Temple on October 16, 2014


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