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Philosophy Tweetstorm!

I wrote philosophy tweets. (Sorry that isn't a permalink, Twitter doesn't support linking to a particular date on your feed.) I tried embedding tweets on my blog but the feature is basically broken: The problem is you can't see the quote I'm replying to. You can see it on the website. Doesn't Twitter have money to make their stuff work? :(

So I took some screenshots. Sadly, as you may notice, some text in the quotes gets cut off because Twitter is also broken when merely trying to display tweets in Safari. Twitter cuts off large portions of quoted images, which is especially a problem when they are images of text and the text is hidden. But at least you can mostly read what I said:

I don't like how if someone blocks you then it breaks the display of your own tweet. If someone writes in public with a permalink, and I quote it, that should work forever. It's fine if they don't want to read my comments, but it's unreasoanble that Twitter ruins my tweet. Below you can see my tweet, that I'm blocked, and the original tweet I was replying to:

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Elliot Temple on January 24, 2016

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Log out

if you get blocked on twitter, just log out, or open on a computer where you're not yet logged in, and you can see everything from people who block you. yeah that's how dumb it is. but for purpose of copying and pasting stuff full conversations here in future...a solution.

too easy at 3:15 PM on January 24, 2016 | #4616 | reply | quote

That doesn't work.


I went there without being logged in and it still shows Tweet unavailable. It's broken for everyone, not just when logged in as myself.

curi at 6:34 PM on January 24, 2016 | #4643 | reply | quote

ppl like 30 second versions of things not to learn

but to have data to parrot

it's school like thinking

"pass the test" thinking

ppl were forced to read books

and they would read those books with summaries to pass tests

Anonymous at 12:06 AM on January 25, 2016 | #4651 | reply | quote

so they must have deleted their tweet then, as well as blocked you. normally if the tweet is still there, anyone can read it.

Anonymous at 12:29 AM on January 25, 2016 | #4652 | reply | quote

you're confused, his tweet is still there as you can easily see: https://twitter.com/G_MoneyRonnie/status/691285722851053568

the QUOTE of it is broken for everyone.

Anonymous at 9:46 AM on January 25, 2016 | #4663 | reply | quote

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