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My iOS Content Now Available For Computers

I made four philosophy apps for iOS. The material was an iOS exclusive, but you can now buy it for your computer. It's 4 essays and 3 keynote slide presentations from the following apps:

  • Psychiatry
  • Why Philosophy?
  • Don't Fight
  • Basic Observations

Buy on Gumroad

I especially recommend the essay about mental illness (how it's a myth, what's actually going on) for anyone who hasn't read it.

It's in pdf and txt format, so you don't need a slide viewer. There's no DRM (copy protection) because that stuff is a hassle for the user. I want you to easily put this on any of your devices, convert it to a different format you prefer, whatever. But please don't steal from me by sending it to others. If you'd like to share the ideas with someone, please link them to buy their own copy.

Elliot Temple on September 5, 2016


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