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Why Gobble?

Gobble delivers a weekly box of meal kits that you cook yourself. I'm paying for more than just food this way (e.g. delivery, meal selection, getting them to package the right amounts of every ingredigent). why?

  • food delivery is great

  • when i try to do my own cooking, there are a million recipes. i don't know which are good. gobble is reliable about choosing good recipes.

  • it's too much work for me to get all the ingredients (especially to cook stuff with the kinda variety and obscure ingredients that Gobble routinely uses, and which i appreciate trying)

  • when i buy ingredients, i get too much of lots of them. they come in larger amounts than i need. this means instead of thinking of gobble as costing more money, a lot of the difference is actually: gobble leaves me without leftover ingredients. with regular cooking, a lot of the savings goes into extra quantities of ingredients, rather than being actual cash saved. the value of leftover ingredients to me, in practice, in my experience, is considerably less than their cash value – they reasonably often spoil and get thrown out, or i have to cook more of the same meal before i want to have it again, or i try improvising and using them in some other meal and it doesn't turn out all that great.

  • the things i'm outsourcing to gobble are things i think are good to mostly outsource. i have better things to do and think about.

sign up for Gobble (their advantage over rival meal kit deliveries is they make their meals faster and easier to cook):

sign up (with this link, you get a discount and i get an account credit)

Elliot Temple on February 14, 2018

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Regular cooking savings going to extra ingredients rather than cash saved is an interesting point. I suspect Gobble is making my food spending more efficient in the sense of increasing the amount of my food outlay that winds up getting *eaten*. Cuz I have had lots of stuff go to waste but the Gobble stuff all gets used up.

Another thing I'd like to mention: Gobble is pretty much always solid, but it is sometimes truly *spectacular*. I've been blown away by some of their meals.

Another thing: I'm trying to lose weight and from a calorie-counter perspective Gobble beats eating out at lots of places. Gobble tells you the estimated calories. Fast food joints give you calorie counts but lots of local restaurants and food trucks don't.

Another thing: When I cook on my own, I tend to do super simple stuff cuz I don't wanna do a lot of work. And I like my simple stuff fine. But it gets kinda boring. I like the low-effort complexity of the Gobble meals. It's something I would not have otherwise and is quite nice.

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