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Gamer MeToo Witch Hunt

Gamings Metoo is a Profitable Catastrophe

Hundreds of people in gaming industry, e.g. Twitch streamers and pro gamers, have recently faced MeToo type allegations about e.g. sexual assault. There's a big outpouring of accusations.

Some are no doubt true and horrible. Others are much milder accusations even if true, which shouldn't be lumped together as if everyone who is accused must be a vile creep. Other accusations are partially or even mostly false. Some pictures of chat logs are photoshopped (I saw an example of photoshopping when looking at a few accusations on the Competitive Overwatch subreddit in the last few days).

Accusers gain a lot of social media followers. The narrative that they have nothing to gain here, besides justice, and therefore they must be telling the truth, is false. That's a theme of the video linked above. (They also have revenge/punishment to gain – hurting their ex.)

This has major witch hunt elements. Standards of proof are low. People don't get a trial before they get fired and lose their fanbase. People aren't getting due process. This is very dangerous.

Many of the accusations are about old events which also violates the concept of a statue of limitations. Time limits being accused of most kinds of crime are important so people can feel safe and done with things, and move on in their life, after a while. Plus the older it is, the harder to investigate objectively. But this witch hunt is happy to use old accusations with little or no hard evidence. Also the cultural rules about acceptable behavior in relationships change over time, and people get cancelled for doing things that were acceptable when they did them, but which are unacceptable now (this also happens with e.g. making jokes that used to be allowed but now are considered unacceptably racist).

Some guys (and girls) do bad things. People in relationships hurt each other. Cancel Culture is not a solution, it's a huge additional danger which tries to bypass the legal system and its protections for the accused. (And this aspect of cancel culture is very biased in a sexist way. Basically women can accuse men, but men mostly don't get to accuse women.)

Elliot Temple on June 26, 2020

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> Also the cultural rules about acceptable behavior in relationships changes over time,

seems like it should be "the cultural rules [...] *change* over time"

Anonymous at 10:40 PM on June 27, 2020 | #16800 | reply | quote

#16800 both. I think there is a rhetorical amorphousness to the concepts (exact protocol -- it is wrong to say or do XYZ), which orbits a deeper "narrative (the mob's aim in doing all this)"

The irony, is it is simultaneously consistent in an ideological sense, just not intellectually (reason)

Do they care about women? Do they even believe all men are guilty?

The answer to the 1st is yes+no. They create the fear by popularizing the stigma behind it. They do not at least ALL believe in these individual infractions as injustice. But tney DO view the lack of diversified composition any development or storyboard/design team as the equivalent, some "imposed class dogma" where "women are excluded, being seen as lesser" as opposed mere gap in chosen pursuit, career interests

They do, too, see at least most allegations made, if they were true at all, as hypothetically unjust

So they are propagandists who believe they are helping women by destroying some "patriarchical superstructure" that had a head start "capturing" the industry

That is code for, you are the remnant, the holdout from this imperial capitalist they've thus far succeeded at toppling in other areas like voting (however much prohibition was its aim), sexual liberation (which ironically gave birth to carceral+liberal forms, they picketted even Miss America for "objectification"), but this last refuge, gaming persists

Their utopia is tasted, smelt. They won't be deterred in letting it slip from their fingers, not after all it went through to get this far

Oi at 12:38 PM on August 10, 2020 | #17114 | reply | quote

They are recreating the cultural rules, that is the civil culture, ie political reason by demonstration

By staking the outrage, these micro-mutations, in many ways reflect the way dada pieced together pieces from EVERYTHING, into a single canvas

This dual power does not need to operate outside the civil culture

If socialism is "communism channeled through a republic," and its perceived utopia is not simply a garrish wasteland of dead rich guys, this is a stepping stone too, egalitarianism channeled through civil culture

Because people hate sticking out or being ostracized, all you need is an infection big enough. They have succeeded at that

So metoo is enforced, as a sort of herd immunity project. Language as a virus but everybody loves civility so play along, work with the other side

E.g., "trump exited G20. The only other person to do that is assad"

Yes. You wouldn't want to be like that babykiller right?

Marriages, dating etc. Fearing pariah status, she'll think you a creep, yada

They have succeeded only that far. Control. Since utopla cannot happen, you only succeed at fracturing the more predominant culture

You succeed at making the rules unclear even to the next generation of activists

But since no new culture, utopian culture can create from this destruction,

The system is theirs and the divides only grow wider. After a while, it is its own emotion

People forget utopia because anger is effective only if it consumes you. What if you have brainwashed too long, it is simply distrust? The sport alone of hating?

You cannot rally around that, survive as a specie. Business collapses, including any gain from CSR so momentary

Oi at 12:52 PM on August 10, 2020 | #17116 | reply | quote

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