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When people write comments, I smile.

I thought maybe I should made some mechanism for putting titles on my blog entries, but then I realised that'd be a lot like subject lines on emails, and those always annoyed me, because I often didn't want to take a stance on what my post was about. So I'd just write really silly ones or really boring ones, usually. Here, I can make a title with bold really easily, and also leave it out even more easily. So I'm happy.

Elliot Temple on February 2, 2003

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i sometimes write email subject lines before i start an email, and then forget to change it later. why change it? cause i ended up writing different stuff then i planned to when i started the email.

so now i write the email THEN try to figure out a subject line.

Anonymous at 9:20 AM on February 3, 2016 | #4796 | reply | quote

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