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I Stopped Reading Much News For Years Because Of Stuff Like This

If Israel loses, the penalty is death. If Lebanon loses, the penalty is "humiliation".
Kofi Annan said Tuesday it was time for Israel to lift a "humiliating" blockade on Lebanon

Kofi says the blockade is also:
[an] infringement on [Lebanese] sovereignty

I see two possibilities:

One: Hezbollah is *not* an agent of Lebanon (despite being part of the government). In that case, in what sense is Lebanon sovereign if it can't control enemy militias within its borders? And shouldn't its primary complaint be about the huge threat to sovereign control over its own territory that Hezbollah poses?

Two: Hezbollah *is* an agent of Lebanon, in which case Lebanon has forfeited any right to sovereignty by murdering Israelis with rockets, abducting Israeli citizens, and so on.

Elliot Temple on August 29, 2006

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Kofi Annan is an idiot. Nothing he says has creditability any more. He has taken the side of evil. Sadly making the UN a joke and a tool of evil

Anonymous at 6:53 PM on August 29, 2006 | #10 | reply | quote

Your two possibilities echo perfectly the sentiments of the bestest author in the world, Orson Scott Card.


Quoted... (this was written a little while ago)

"If Israel sends its troops into southern Lebanon, you can be sure that it will be condemned as a violation of "Lebanese sovereignty."

What Lebanese sovereignty?

Either the Lebanese government controls southern Lebanon or it doesn't.

If it is sovereign Lebanese territory, then Lebanon as an entirety is responsible for the terror missile attacks launched against Israeli civilians by the Hezbollah forces that openly rule there. Therefore, Lebanon has committed acts of war against Israel, and Israel is perfectly justified in any military action it takes against the entirety of Lebanon.

But if the Lebanese government declares that it is not responsible for missiles launched from that region of their nominal territory, then by that admission they confess that it is hot territory for which the Lebanese government claims responsibility. In which case, Hezbollah is the ruler of that territory (which it is), and Israel, regardless of lines on a map, has a right to invade Hezbollah territory and destroy the capacity of that enemy to make war against them."


Anonymous at 8:22 PM on August 29, 2006 | #11 | reply | quote

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