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guess what this post is about


The New Year, and the good resolutions that go with it, make most people's thoughts turn to peace and friendship. But not in the case of Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon.

heh. not bad on the rhetoric scale.

His latest policy speech shows that he has every intention of continuing with his hardline approach towards the Palestinians despite advice to the contrary from key ally, America .

heh. invoking the US against Israel. yeah, we really hate Israel. you can tell b/c pro-palestinian ppl like to complain: A) 87.4335% of the US foreign aid budget goes to israel. B) the US is controlled by j00000s C) the US only likes Israel because Sharon and Bush are lovers. notice how (C) admits the US likes Israel.

Many in Israel now realise that Mr Sharon's harsh policies have only made Israel more vulnerable to suicide bombings and other terrorist acts. The situation in Iraq too will have a bearing on Israel-Palestine relations.

no bias here. move along. he's not saying the jews bring their deaths upon themselves. nothing of the sort.

The inglorious capture of Saddam Hussein, who has been a strong advocate of the Palestinian cause, has generated yet more anger and resentment in the West Bank and Gaza .

with friends like that...

Elliot Temple on January 4, 2004

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i have no idea.

what is your post about at 9:43 PM on January 10, 2004 | #301 | reply | quote

> A) 87.4335% of the US foreign aid budget goes to israel.

well if muslims would stop trying to kill Israelis, then Israelis wouldn't need their friend's help.

Anonymous at 10:00 AM on February 15, 2016 | #4957 | reply | quote

> > A) 87.4335% of the US foreign aid budget goes to israel.

that was something **MADE UP** that they complain about. it's not true.

Anonymous at 10:21 AM on February 15, 2016 | #4958 | reply | quote

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